Kernel Upgrade

     I did not get the kernel upgrade done last night, between the fact that I broke a tooth and so had to go to bed early so I can get to the dentist today and the fact that 5.18.0 had some compiler errors, I’ve got patches from the developers that fix them but haven’t had time to make and install the new kernels yet, the kernel upgrade didn’t happen.  So far I haven’t had anyone express connection difficulties, but if you experience them in the meantime, mosh is a possible work-around.  Else I’ll at least get the guest machines done tonight or tomorrow.  Host servers (physical machines) will have to wait until I know I’ve got a working car.

     With respect to the new router, I have it here, still in the process of figuring out how to configure it.  The interface is quite different than the old machine owing to vastly expanded capabilities.  This is really a full fledged multi-media box not just a router although in our case it will be used just as a router.  It is also a video recorded, network controller, etc.