Sorry about the outage tonight between about 3am and 4:30am.  I screwed my workstation up to the point where it became necessary to restore from backups, but that did not work.  Even after re-installing grub and update-grub2, etc, it’s trying to boot a kernel that doesn’t exist, so I’m using an old version of Linux I have on a hard drive in case the flash fails but I’m going to have to re-install.

     Anyway, while connected to our main file server via x2go I forgot I was connected remotely and went to shutdown the machine thinking it was my workstation I was shutting down, then I discovered it was the server.

     So I had to drive to the co-lo and power the server back up.  When I went to leave my car would not start.  Something is screwed with the theft prevention system and it does not recognize either key fob and would not let me start.  So had to spend $332 to tow it to the garage, get my wife out of work early to come get me, and I’ve been up all night, and my workstation is still broken.

     So I will not be available during the day to day.  Sorry but I need to get some sleep.

     So in the last week, two of our cars broke down, one that was broken magically fixed itself, I think it was the fuel pump relay but it started working again so we’re driving it now, and I broke two of my teeth which won’t be fixed until mid to late July because the dentist is so backed up, and I broke my workstation.  Great, so trouble coming not in threes but at least fives or sixes.

     If anything is still down, please generate a ticket via the ticket system (https://www.eskimo.com -> Support -> Tickets) and I will attend to it when I am among the living again.