About a month ago I posted about upgrade issues with Nextcloud.  I did not realize until a few days ago that it broke NIS logins because I had created my account on nextcloud before hooking it into the systems NIS authentication system.  A ticket I received a few days ago alerted me of this fact.

     In order to fix Nextcloud properly I am essentially going to re-install it except the database and files will remain in place.  Then I will need to re-install all the apps including the one that provides authentication to the majority of Eskimo’s users via NIS.

     Because the install instructions tell me to stop our web server during the duration but this does not make a lot of sense and I don’t wish a multi-hour and potentially multi-day interruption, I am going to instead disable the NextCloud config in the web server.  This will cause any calls to Nextcloud to go back to our home page, then when the new version is installed, undo the web configuration disable, at which point it will be operational but without the applications and you still will not be able to login unless you, like me, created your login before I had NIS wired in.

     Because the NIS connection actually involves an application, this will not work until I get the apps re-installed.

     As a consequence tonight at some point if you go to nextcloud you will just get our home page.  When nextcloud initially comes back you won’t be able to login right away, it may take a day or two before this capability returns because there are a lot of applications and some require some configuration before logins will be operational again.