Mail List Recommendations

     I am looking for some suggestions for open source mail list software capable of running under Linux to replace the SmartList mail lists we are currently hosting.

     SmartList has several fundamental problems.  First, neither it nor procmail which it relies on has not been under active development for at least a decade.  This means it may be deprecated at any time which would be bad.

     Second, SmartList does not re-write the sender address and in situations where the sender’s domain signs their e-mail with SPF, DKIM, or DMARC records, and mail list recipients domains check these things, the e-mail is rejected, dropped, or marked as spam as a result of the server the mail is coming from (ours) not matching the domain of the sender which is still in the header.

     Third, many people prefer to administer their lists from a web interface, SmartList provides no method for Web Admin.

     Fourth, I’ve had a number of requests for mail list software that has a web archive of lists.  SmartList lacks this capability.

     So with these things in mind, I attempted to implement Mailman, and I was able to install it but Mailman relies on Python 2.7 which is deprecated and will go away soon, and I was unable to get it to properly recognize the fully qualified domain name and it kept trying to create lists with just the hostname.  I was unable to figure out why this is since I do not have just the hostname alone configured anywhere in the software.

     So then the next thing I looked at was Mailman3, mailman3 is based upon Python 3.x so current software is supported, BUT it’s split into pieces and does not have a native web interface, this is provided by some separate third party software such as Kitty, Kitty is hardwired to NgNix, and I have a very highly customized and optimized Apache2 that beats NgNix for security, speed, and capability that I prefer to stick with.  Second problem with Mailman3 is the documentation is sparse to non-existent and has huge gaps in it’s installation instructions.

     So I’m looking for something else, recommendations would be much appreciated.