Kernel Upgrades Friday Sept 9th 11pm PDT (-0700GMT)

     The release candidate kernel, 6.0.0-rc4 is working better than any kernel I’ve ever used to date, better than the last three stable releases by far in terms of performance, stability, and security.  I’ve got it running on four of our busiest servers presently, and unlike 5.19.x it has not produced any CPU stalls or OOPS and runs even faster and this with all the known reptoline mitigations in place.  5.18 was stable but unusable owing to the kernel spending more time in system than user space, 5.19 remedied this but introduced some nasty instabilities, but 6.0rc4 appears to fix everything.

     So if it continues to run clean on those servers, we will be upgrading the remaining servers to 6.0.0rc4 (or rc5 if it comes out between now and then) on Friday September 9th, starting at 11pm and should finish by about 11:30pm Pacific Daylight Time (-0700 GMT).

     This will affect all Eskimo North services including,,,, and our own website and related services at as well as virtual private servers, shared hosting, and Linux shell servers.  I do not expect downtime to be more than about ten minutes on any one service.