Emergency Kernel Reversion Tonight/Tomorrow 11PM PDT (GMT-0700)

     I am going to revert as many machines as I can tonight back to 5.18.19 kernel starting at 11pm.  I do not have time to prepare all the machines but what I do not get done will be finished tomorrow evening.  The 6.0.0 kernel up through RC4 was good, but RC5 and later has severe CPU stalls just like 5.19.x did and the kernel development people seem to be basically ignoring it.  5.18.19 is at END of LIFE which means it is not getting any security updates or fixes, but at least it is stable.  Nothing after it, currently available, works.  If you’re seeing long load times in mail, etc, this is the cause.  So there will be some outages tonight from 11PM until I can’t work any later and then again tomorrow at 11PM though probably less service affecting as I will focus on the physical servers and the more busy servers, web, mail, and ubuntu and debian shell servers tonight.

    This also affects all of our Fediverse services, https://friendica.eskimo.com, https://www.hubzilla.eskimo.com/, https://nextcloud.eskimo.com/, and https://yacy.eskimo.com/.