Kernel Issues

     The 5.18.19 kernel which previously was stable is now showing instabilities and is showing the same CPU stalls as the 6.0.0 kernel which points to a possible configuration issue on my part.  The only things I’ve intentionally changed between this and previous 5.18.19 kernels was to enable a bunch of Intel reptoline CPU security protections.  It may be that one or more of those is broken.  I’m going to go back to a stock configuration with only the scheduling changed as I previously had and then if it is stable introduce one of these options at a time to try to determine which is at fault.  I will not be able to do this tonight but should be able to get in place tomorrow night.  I’m going to try this with 6.0.0-rc6 since it is based on the same conf the current 5.18.19 kernel is AND showing the same symptoms (CPU stalls).