Fastest WordPress Site

     If you are looking for a place to host your WordPress website, I believe we have the fastest WordPress host in existence.  Our site will load a WordPress site in under 200ms, our own loads in 148ms, WordPress’s OWN site takes 942ms to load, nearly a full second, and six times slower than ours.  Likewise when you compare us to any other major hosting provide I think you’ll find similar results.  I haven’t found another site that is not more than three times slower than our own at loading WordPress, most 10 or 20 times slower.

     For pricing, see our hosting options.  You can host with a shell with a URL of where username is your login under our domain.  You can add a domain to an existing shell with a virtual domain, or you can choose dedicated personal web hosting or business web hosting packages.

     In addition to better speed, we also provide better security.  Most shared hosting platforms execute all website code under one user ID, usually http or apache or www-data, and the problem with that is two fold.  One is that for WordPress to be able to alter files, the permissions on those files have to have public write permissions which means ANYONE on that site can overwrite your files.  The other is that any problem with one persons code can give a hacker access to everyone else’s code.  Here, every users code runs under their own UID, this way they do NOT have to give public write access for WordPress or other content management engines to be able to modify files AND if someone’s code has a security exploit, it only exposes THEIR code and not everyone’s on the site.