Kernel Upgrade Oct 28th 11PM PDT (GMT-0700)

     Starting at 11PM, I will be performing a kernel upgrade to linux-6.0.5 on all machines requiring reboots of all Eskimo North machines.  This process should be completed by about 11:30PM.  With the exception of, no service should be down more than about ten minutes.  Yacy will take longer because it rebuilds it’s index every time it is restarted and this takes approximately 45 minutes.

     This affects all of Eskimo North’s services, virtual private servers, shared web hosting, shell servers, e-mail, and public cloud services including,,, and

     The 6.0 kernel has performed exceptionally well, but there is a bug that causes squashfs to fail after some time and this breaks snap applications (which are kind of broken by definition anyway). This principally affects Firefox on Ubuntu.  I have been testing 6.0.3 on my workstation and this appears to be fixed, so hopefully it will remain fixed in 6.0.5.  There is also a bug that causes a splat on boot-up on centos7 and scientific linux 7, but it does not affect the machines operationally and will not be corrected until 6.2.x according to the developers.