Eskimo North Kernel Upgrades

     We will may be doing kernel upgrades again this Friday November 4th at the traditional time starting at 11PM pending testing of Linux-6.0.6 and possibly 6.0.7 if it should come out before then.

     There are presently two kernel bugs that are impacting us, neither very severely.  One is that there are still CPU stall splats on centos7 and scientific7 but these occur only at boot at other than slowing the boot process by a few milliseconds do not seem to have any operational impact.  This bug is known and expected to be fixed in 6.2, several months away yet.

     The other bug is more problematic.  It is an issue with squashfs that just stops working after some period of time.  Snap applications depend upon squashfs, and the one snap application that we have is Firefox on Ubuntu.  So I am testing 6.0.6 on my workstation, if squashfs continues to work throughout the week then I will be installing it next Friday on Ubuntu at least.  If there are no other fixes I probably will not do all the servers this time around since most do not use snap versions of FIrefox.  If it is not fixed then I will not be doing upgrades at all.