Kernel Upgrades 11pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT -0800)

     I’ve tested 6.07 and 6.08 and both seemed to have resolved the issue with squashfs, so will be doing kernel upgrades.  Provided they haven’t introduced new bugs, this should eliminate all bugs of any operational consequence.  There still is an issue with startup of centos7 and scientific7 but that only generates an error message and is of no operational consequence and, according to developers, that bug will be addressed in 6.2, so still a ways off.

     This will affect off of Eskimo North’s services including our public services,,, and as well as our own website, all the sites we host and virtual private servers.

     Downtime for any one service should not exceed about ten minutes except for yacy which takes around 40 minutes to rebuild it’s database after a reboot.  This operation should be completed by midnight.