Kernel Upgrade 12/2/2022 11PM PST (GMT-0800)

     I am planning a kernel upgrade to 6.0.10 on Friday December 2nd, starting at 11:00PM Pacific Standard Time.  I expect to be finished by 11:30 if everything goes smoothly.  If on the other hand Poettering gets us again and systemd does not shut down or start up properly then it may not be fully operational until around 1AM.

     I have been testing 6.0.9 for the last eight days and it has corrected the problem with squashfs so that snap applications like Firefux are working more reliably now though not nearly as well as they did before Ubuntu forced that atrocity (snap) upon us in 22.04.

     6.0.10 came out before 6.0.9 could be installed, thus we will be installing 6.0.10.  In addition to squashfs, it also fixes numerous memory leaks and a few potential crashes.  It also fixes other things we aren’t using such as specific hardware or IPv6 problems.

     This will affect all of Eskimo North’s services, paid and free, including web hosting, virtual private servers, Linux shell servers, e-mail, and our Fediverse services which include,,, and