Kernel Upgrade Tonight Sunday 11pm

     I am going to be upgrading the kernels on only the physical servers tonight in order to turn on some additional debugging options to help the developers chase down an error in the NFS code that is causing issues for us.  Apparently this bug only occurs when you have a mix of NFSv3 and NFSv4 clients as we do, (also an NFSv2 client).  So it’s an issue that is rarely triggered but our environment triggers it.  It is a use after freed error that for some reason KFENCE is not finding, they have asked me to turn on KASAN, a different somewhat higher overhead memory allocation troubleshooter, and this requires a rebuild of the kernel and rebooting of the physical servers.  Because this only affects the NFS servers, I will be installing this on Iglulik, Igloo, and Mail, but not the other servers at this time.  This will affect vps6, vps9, and all the shell servers and mail.  The interval will be between 11pm-11:30 with individual outages not lasting more than about 10 minutes with the exception of which takes about half an hour to 45 minutes to rebuild it’s database after a reboot.

     This will affect all Eskimo North services EXCEPT for vps1-vps6, vps7 and vps8.

     It will impact our Fediverse instances including,,, and