Igloo Crashed

     Igloo, one of the physical hosts that among other things hosts the mail spool, crashed earlier this afternoon.

     I was compiling a new version of GCC (13.1) using eight cores and it just got too hot.  I stress test these machines thoroughly when I initially turn them up but over time CPUs suffer something known as chip rot, essentially even though electrons are 1/2000th the mass of protons, when electrons move one way atoms occasionally move the other ever so slightly and over time this creep causes features to be less well defined and maximum stable CPU speeds become slightly less.  I have already down clocked slightly ice and iglulik, this machine is the only one still at 4.4 GHz, I will need to bump it down to 4.3 or 4.2 the next time I am at the co-lo.

     In the meantime I am completing the compilations on this machine using only four cores so it generates less heat.

     I am also working on a new 10 core / 20 thread server using an i9-10900x that will have 256GB of RAM to handle some of the more CPU and memory intensive workload.  Unlike the other machines which have two memory channels, this one has four.  It will also have everything, even the root partition, on RAID.