Manjaro May Be Down for a While

     Manjaro may be down for a while, possibly until the next distro comes out.  The existing installation was hurt by installing gcc-13.1 which corrupted some of the library files.

     I restored from backups but the Manjaro update system won’t let you update a system that is too old, so that didn’t work.

     I tried to install from the old ISO, that didn’t work, for the same reason.

     I then downloaded the CURRENT Mate distro, and installed from that.  It would not work if I manually partitioned.  So I let Mate partition the way it wanted to.

     After installing I tried to login and it would not accept my password.  So I booted with the install disk again and tried to mount the root partition but it said file system was not recognized.

     I’m trying some different desktop spins now on the off chance that only the Mate spin is broken but if if it’s all of them then it will be down until a non-broken ISO becomes available.