Kernel Upgrades May 13 11pm PDT (GMT-0700)

     I am planning a kernel upgrade tonight Saturday May 13th starting at 11PM.

     This will affect all of Eskimo North’s services: web hosting, shell accounts, e-mail, virtual private servers, and our free Fediverse services,,, and

     Provided all servers boot correctly no service with the exception of yacy should be down for more than about ten minutes.  Yacy takes up to 45 minutes to re-index it’s database upon startup.

     Also, I will be slow for a day or so to get payment receipts out.  Processing them requires cut-n-paste and the middle button (necessary for pasting) of my Logitech G 203 mouse has bitten the dust.  I must say I am deeply saddened as I’ve never had a Logitech anything die on me before, I thought they were invincible, even inputting cans of Diet Coke into the keyboard has only resulted in temporary non-functioning until it dried.  I really can’t complain though, it has served me loyally for many years and a new one is on order.