Fedora 39 –

I have graphical environments via x2go, vnc, or web now working on all machines EXCEPT Fedora.  I haven’t got rpd working everywhere yet.  But since rdp relies on Xvnc, it made since to focus on VNC first.  And I haven’t setup sound on all yet.

With Fedora I have a problem, I need an inetd or xinetd daemon to fire off Xvnc when someone connects to port 5900, unfortunately no form of xinetd or inetd was provided with Fedora since around F31.

So I grabbed xinetd source from and attempted to compile.

Compiling xinetd on Fedora 39

I am trying to compile xinetd under Fedora 39 and having some difficulty.

Fedora has not bothered to include either inetd or xinetd in their distribution since around Fedora 31, and I have an application that requires inetd and I prefer xinetd. Since there is neither a source nor binary package after F31, I grabbed the source from github.

First issue I ran into, no rpc-devel libs under F39, but I found rpc.h in lib tirpc.

Now I’m running into undefined functions pmap_set and pmap_unset. These are normally defined in rpc/rpc.h but in Fedora, no such include, only tirpc/rpc.h and it does not define these functions.

Any idea where these are or IF they are defined, and if not, work-arounds?