Kernel Upgrades Tonight 11pm-midnight

     I will be performing kernel upgrades tonight upgrading from 6.1.37 to 6.1.41.  This will affect all of Eskimo North’s services, free and paid including e-mail, shells, web hosting, and virtual private servers.  It will also affect,,, and

     The downtime for most services will be less than ten minutes.  Yacy has to rebuild an in-memory index after every reboot.  On the old hardware that tool about 45 minutes, the new hardware is faster but more disk space is assigned to yacy thus a larger database.  So tonight we’ll find out.

     If you have not tried yacy yet, give it a try.  It is a federated search engine, similar to how federated social media sites work, each site maintains it’s own crawl space but when you search for something on one node, it queries all of the  networked nodes and the combined response is sent back to you.  Unlike Google and Bing, it has no algorithms designed to limit your access to information they don’t want you to have AND it has no sponsored links.