Shell Servers

All of the shell servers are now available via ssh, vnc, desktop and terminal under web-apps on our website (initial login screen public, public), and most should also be available via rdp, there a couple I’ve recently re-installed (Manjaro, MxLinux) that I have not tested rdp yet.

And speaking of re-install, Manjaro and MxLinux are now both the current release and both are massive improvements of their prior selves.  The Mate desktop now largely improved over their former selves.  The Mate desktop now works properly under Manjaro though it still lacks mate-tweak so not as customizable, and MxLinux is now a superset of Debian Bookworm and unlike the old MxLinux some of those extensions are actually usable and the whole thing has significantly improved aesthetics.

Fedora is at some point planning on discontinuing support for NIS and at that time will be forced to drop it from our network as this is how authentication is accomplished, so just a heads up on that.  It will still be available for VPS’s if you wish as they have their own authentication and do not depend upon network authentication.