Mail Back to Normal

Today after some three hundred updates, the original SPF checker I was using, the phython3 version, still was not working, so I installed the perl versions of policyd.  I don’t really like perl as I don’t find it very readable relative to python, but presently it is working.

I also found the clamav virus check was dead, re-installed that.  Now all the mail milters, the clamav- virus check, spf, dkim, and dmarc are once again functional so this should reduce the flood of “we’re going to make your life miserable if you don’t send 50,000 bit coins to X” messages.

Also, the perl SPF policyd is actually somewhat better in that it checks both the ehlo host and the mail-from: host to make sure both are allowed from the sites SPF record, while the old checker only checked the mail-from, so this will be somewhat more thorough requiring consistency that the others did not.

I sent myself mail from gmail to make sure incoming was working and also watched the logs a while.