New Server

     I have the new server operational with the new motherboard and OLD CPU.  However, it will not operate at rated speed let alone overclock.  There is something wrong with the memory controller and it will not operate at the rated 2933 Mhz under Linux, oddly it will run at over 4300Mhz using memtest-86 so there is something about the way Linux accesses memory that is different than memtest-86 and I know not what.  I suspect it has to do with system mode where the address is direct verses user mode where the address is translated.

     However it is running at lower speed with the new motherboard so that is better than not at all.  I have a new CPU on order, the first one was dead on arrival, the motherboard won’t even recognize it as being installed.  I’ve got a bit more work to do on it, I have to upgrade the firmware and UEFI bios on this motherboard, and then if the new CPU isn’t here yet I’ll return it to service at slightly below normal speed until the new CPU arrives.

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