Mail / Shellx

     We are having difficulties with the server that houses the mail spool files.  It is in the middle of an upgrade and it has interrupted some services.  The mail server is affected and thus web mail and customer smtp / imap are presently dysfunctional.

     We are working on completing this software upgrade which will restore services.  No mail will be lost, any incoming mail will be spooled and delivered when the server is back to being fully functional.  The mail spool itself is on a RAID10 partition so even loss of hardware will not lose files and they are backed up weekly in addition to the RAID.

     Because this is a physical host that is involved, I will need to drive down to the co-lo to reboot when this is finished and so will be unavailable for telephone support for several hours.

     Please use an alternate shell server during this time frame.  See Services->Shells->Servers for alternate servers.