Fedora Upgraded

Fedora 24     Fedora 24 is now available at fedora.eskimo.com.  I was unable to successfully do an online upgrade and so had to re-install fresh.  That was fraught with some difficulties as well.  The virt-manager in Ubuntu 16.04 selects a hardware profile for fedora that doesn’t work.  I was able to manually change it and install it.

     I have not yet re-installed all the applications we had or configured mail server on it, so sending mail from fedora probably will not work at this time.

     I am impressed with the improvement from Fedora 23 which in my opinion should never have been released.  It was just super ugly broken.  The dnf command used to install software (does not function) now mostly does function, much better than it did in Fedora 23, and they have fixed groups in yum extender to where they mostly work again.

     One thing yum extender does not do well is resolve dependencies, still issues there.  There appears to be no tool that really works automatically for this so when there are dependency issues it is pretty much necessary to figure it out by hand.  My opinion is they should get over the “not invented here” issue and take synaptic and modify it to work with rpms.

     If you use x2go to connect, you may get a small 800×600 screen size.  To fix this bring up a terminal and type xrandr -s HORZxVERT where HORZ is your screens horizontal resolution and VERT your screens vertical resolution in pixels.  The cause of this problem is that x2go’s xserver has xrandr version 1.2 and with Fedora 24 and Ubuntu 16.04, at least version 1.3 is required.  The command line version however is 1.5, so it will work fine.