Owncloud is back, Version 9.1

     When we upgraded our web server a while back to Ubuntu 16.04.1 with PHP7, it broke some applications, our ticket system, Owncloud, a few other minor odds and ends.

     I was not able to do an upgrade of ownCloud from version 8 because I did not know that it would not work with PHP7, it only specified minimum version numbers.

     Because 9.1 is a fresh install I had to basically wipe everything and start from scratch.

     Please do test ownCloud.  You can get there two ways:

        Directly https://www.eskimo.com/owncloud/

        or https://www.eskimo.com  Select Web Apps Pull Down, Click on owncloud.

     Please send bug reports to nanook@eskimo.com.

     Thank you!