Quantum Entanglement / Worldlines

This relates to my previous article regarding an interpretation of particle physics that explains quantum entanglement without the need for either spooky action at a distance or hidden variables.

There is a line of thought that time symmetry is broken based upon the measurements of the decay times of kaon’s and antikaon’s, however, I believe this to be an artifact of perspective.

If you were traveling in a train at 40 MPH, and along side the train track there is a two lane road, with a speed limit of 60 MPH, and cars are traveling in each direction along that track at the speed limit, then relative to you, cars traveling in the same direction as you are in the train would be going past you at 20 MPH relative to your speed but cars going in the opposite direction would be going 100 MPH relative to you (relativistic effects being negligible at these velocities). In this case you are measuring the speeds of traveling vehicles relative to your position on a moving train in a physical dimension.

However, in the case of measuring the decay times of the kaon and antikaon, we are observing the decays from our perspective moving, what we would consider forward, in time, not from a vantage point stationary in time.

So I do not believe this experiment proves an arrow of time except in as much as pointing towards our own journey through time, the observed asymmetry being explained by our own movement through time rather than a fundamental asymmetry existing in time itself.

I also discovered that I am not the first to think along the lines of a particle being reflected off the electromagnetic aspect in time. Take a look at this article.

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