Deja Vu

I’ve heard so many bogus theories on Deja Vu that involve various brain functions, one part of the brain getting information before another, or information coming directly to one hemisphere of the brain and then delayed via the corpus collosum from the other hemisphere.

I’ve experienced Deja Vu many times and so I decided to test these theories. I had the radio on, a live talk show was in progress. All of the sudden I realized I was in a Deja Vu experience. I knew exactly what the announcer would say almost fifteen seconds in advance.

So, I spoke out loud what I knew the announcer would say. I heard my own voice come back and close to fifteen seconds later the announcer repeat exactly what I said, and this lasted almost a minute.

None of these “brain part” explanations can explain my hearing the voice what the announcer will say in advance of the announcer saying it, and it was a live show so it was not possible for me to have remembered a previous broadcast of the show.

I don’t know what the explanation of Deja Vu is, but I know what it’s not.

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