The Scientific Method

The Scientific method does not lend itself well to the examination of phenomena which are transient in nature are are not repeatable upon demand or perhaps at all.

It annoys me that mainstream science dismisses out of hand anything which it can not address. Mainstream science can’t make an extraterrestrial space craft appear, nor can it make a predictive vision or dream happen on demand. Cold fusion can’t be reproduced with 100% success. Gravity shielding can’t be reproduced at the same level that Podklenov claimed.

There are phenomena in nature that just don’t lend themselves to production on demand, either because we don’t understand all the circumstances necessary for their production or because we can not produce the circumstances necessary for their production.

If you’ve experienced one or more of these phenomena then, to the degree you trust your own sanity, you know they are real, but a third party will tend to have less faith in your sanity than you. Until and unless enough people experience a phenomena for it to become part of our consensus reality it won’t be accepted by the scientific community unless it can become scientifically proven, which again phenomena which are not repeatable upon demand do not lend themselves to.

I think in part this is due to arrogance in the mainstream scientific community who are largely under the mistaken belief that they already know 99% of everything there is to know. I don’t think we, as a species, are anywhere close to understanding ourselves or the universe of which we are apart. I believe there is still much to be learned, and that the best position from which to learn is one of not assuming what we think we know is absolute truth.

I try to look at all of our existing knowledge as models that make useful predictions about reality not as an absolute explanation of reality. I think this is a healthier approach that leaves more open to learning and discovery than the more common dogmatic approach.

I try to gather the data that doesn’t fit, hoping enough data might eventually point to a new better theory that makes more accurate and complete predictions about our reality.

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