Quantum Mechanics: MIM Interpretation

I’ve been a proponent of the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics for years because it best agrees with experimental evidence, and it makes intuitive sense.

I am better able to wrap my mind around the idea that an infinite number of parallel universe exist than I am the idea that our observation is required to bring something out of quantum superimposition into determined reality.

In my view, the Copenhagen interpretation is actually kind of an epiphenomena of the many worlds interpretation.  If the observer in the act of observing an event that can go two ways and does, the observer bifurcates at that point along with the rest of the universe, and so each observer that results saw what happened when the even went a particular direction.

In the traditional view of the Many Worlds interpretation, once that bifurcation takes place, each child universe is totally unaware of the other.

In the new Many Interactive Worlds interpretation there is an interesting rub, the two universes do continue to interact on a quantum level.

This makes perfect sense to me as I would expect that every particle in a given child universe would be quantum entangled with it’s brother in the other child universe, and so quantum interaction between these many worlds would be expected.

There are a couple of interesting ramifications.  The first is that this theory might be testable by designing a test that exploits expected interactions.

The second interesting ramification is that this universe may not be as deterministic as many would like to believe because it is not a closed system given this interaction with parallel worlds.  I think there is much observational evidence of this.

It also suggests a quantum immortality, and I wonder if it’s not responsible for some of the Deja Vu phenomena.  If we come to a point of our death, the event leading to our death is another decision point, it could go one way or the other, in this universe we die, in the parallel universe that bifurcated off at that point we live, and so this tree of life/death universal bifurcation could go on infinitely and in that sense, somehow in some parallel world we’d always exist.

Anyone who is familiar with resonance has to wonder how resonances might cross the world boundaries and by that affect things in different worlds, especially in the realms of thoughts and emotions since quantum level effects seem to be involved in the operation of our synapses.

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