Eskimo.Com Service NOT SHUTTING DOWN

     It became clear from all the feedback I got that a notice I sent out was very misinterpreted.  Eskimo North is NOT shutting down nor is our shell service, e-mail, web hosting, friendica, hubzilla, or nextcloud node.

     The ONLY thing shutting down are two of the shell servers, one because it’s absolutely antique and incompatible with all the newer servers, and another because it is not getting any use.

     Eskimo North, the service WILL REMAIN  in operation, and the following URL is a list of servers that will remain available.

     Here is a list of available shell servers that will remain available.  The domain will ALSO remain available for all functions, e-mail, web hosting, etc.  It is ONLY one very unused machine and one very antique machine that are being retired.

     List of shell servers: