Reboots Complete

     Tonight’s kernel upgrade went smoother than I had anticipated.  I had anticipated issues based upon the fact that we were moving to a new major release and I knew that NFS code got somewhat re-worked again.  This has always been a problem in Linux, not sure why they can’t get a 1995 vintage protocol correct but it’s always been difficult.  But this time NFS worked flawlessly.  No duplicate ID’s in fscache either.  NFS properly mounted on all machines.

     NIS bound on all but one.

     A few machines had some start up issues unrelated to kernel, in particular I had removed hddtemp from one because it is a virtual machine and there is no temp sensor for hddtemp to read but it did not remove the systemd service unit.  Argh.  But anyway that was quick and easy to correct.

     So as far as I know everything appears to be functional.  The only machine that failed was one that I had not put into service yet.  Something in the EFI settings got messed and it thinks it’s out of space on the boot device but it is not.  But since it’s not yet in service it is of no consequence.