Replacement Router Ordered

     I finally received the info I needed from Ubiquiti and we have a new router ordered.  It should be here in 7-10 days and will provide 6.8x the CPU power of the existing router.

     Our existing router is sometimes saturating between 6pm-9pm Pacific Daylight Time, even though the bandwidth is not anywhere near maxed out.  This causes latency and dropped packets.

     The existing router handles high throughput if TCP traffic if packets are large, but it does not handle high UDP traffic or small TCP packets.  The new router should improve this substantially.

     I also bought an optional 1TB hard drive for the router (it has 128GB of flash internally) which will allow me to install a nice desktop and more security software.

     For anyone looking for a router, I really love Ubiquiti products because of their excellent firewall capabilities and interface and the fact that they are Debian based so you can basically install anything from Debian as long as it is present in the MIPS ports, and if it isn’t you can self-compile as it also includes the normal Debian port of GCC and libs.