Non-censored Federated Search Engine

     Now that and are censoring, as and have always done, and since what else is out there, save for which censors but on different content, there is nothing else out there that does not censor except for  Searx DOES only proxy requests from the others above, it provides privacy but does not provide uncensored results.

     So to that end, I’ve installed a federated Yacy server and made it publicly available.

     You can reach it at or from (web apps) menu.

     It’s just started indexing so the local database isn’t very complete yet but it will return results from ALL of the federated Yacy peers so you will see good results even now.  They will only get better with time.

     However, use with caution, remember this is NOT a censored search engine so no doubt you will find things in the Not Safe For Work and NOT Family Friendly category as well as ALL political views, even those that offend you.