Emergency Kernel Upgrade Tonight

     This affects all eskimo.com services:

     I am planning an emergency kernel upgrade of at least the most used shell servers, the mail server, and the web server tonight.  May not be able to get to everything as I can not stay up late as I broke a tooth last night and need to get up to see a dentist tomorrow.

     This upgrade mostly involves the fallback of MCTCP to TCP.  MCTCP is a multi-path TCP protocol that allows a connection to be maintained even when the end point IP addresses change.  These are mostly used with mobile phones but any device that does not talk this protocol needs to fall back to TCP, these would mostly be older devices without wireless capability.

     The existing kernel has a bug in this fall-back code.  Because some of my customers have antique computers that may be affected, I want to try to get the publicly facing computers upgraded if possible tonight but I can’t stay up late to do it.  I’m going to focus on the physical servers in case they fail to reboot.  I will not have a car available after tonight until sometime next week as my wife’s car needs to go into the shop and she will need mine to get to work.

     I also have the new router but have not had time to install the drive and get it configured.  This should happen in the next week or so.