Mail Lists and Some Aliases Out Of Service

Mail lists and some aliases are currently out of service owing to the aliases file on the client mail server somehow being truncated and half not there.  I am restoring from backups.  While this is in progress mail lists will not work as ALL aliases for smartlist are gone and many users aliases are gone at the moment.

(Update the aliases file is restored, lists are back in service)

On other news, while waiting for the new CPU chip to get here I had the machine sitting in BIOS configuration screen and after about three days it shut itself down spontaneously.

Since I had already replaced the motherboard (some bent pins on the CPU socket necessitated this), I went ahead and replaced the power supply.  Prior to replacing it, it would not run at all above 4.3Ghz and would not run stable even at 4Ghz, now it is running at 4.7Ghz, so there was some issue with the old supply, either a ripple problem or it would just not capable of supplying enough power on the 12v line.  Since this CPU can use as much as 540 watts it requires a very robust supply.

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