Redhat Screws Us Again

     Redhat screwed us again.  Sorry for bad news, but Centos-Stream which originally was touted as a rolling release, i.e. no version numbers just continued updates, instead became a fixed release towards a given platform, i.e., centos-stream8 development for centos8, etc.

     And so was discontinued along with Centos8 early I might add (end of life was supposed to be June 30th but in true Red Rat fashion they’ve already shut down the repositories.

     We can not use any of the RedHat 9 derivatives here because they’ve taken NIS out of Redhat 9 and that is how our network authenticates.

     I do not know if/when Fedora Rawhide will follow suit but I am going to install a Rocky Linux 8 server.  Rocky has a ten year support policy so Rocky8 should remain available until May 31, 2029.  This will give us some stability on the Redhat side for another five years.

     Rocky Linux is similar to how Centos started out, an independent organization that takes RHEL open source, re-compiles it, replaces their artwork, and distributes it free.  Centos used to do this as well but was absorbed by the Red Hat empire.