Quantum Entanglement / Light-Matter Interaction

Richard Feynman was a physicist I found fascinating. Particularly, I liked the way he had come up with a diagram system for particle interactions that made it very easy to follow.

One idea that I found most interesting about Dr. Feynman’s ideas regarding particle physics, is the idea that all particle interactions are reversible. Another idea that I found interesting is that anti-matter is matter moving backwards in time.

Instead of viewing this as an electron and positron “arriving” and annihilating each other resulting in two photons heading off in opposite directions, I realized that since the positron is traveling in the reverse direction in time, it isn’t “arriving” at this interaction, it is “leaving” it.

(I would diagram this Feynman style except the web absorbs spaces, and even if I try to hard code them the blogger turns them back into regular space and then they get absorbed. I tried to use tables to properly diagram them but blogger screwed those up badly).

So an electron moving forward in time arrives at this interaction and then an electron moving reverse in time (positron) leaves this interaction. It looks like a positron to us because we’re seeing it from the moving forward in time perspective).

But if an electron arrives and leaves, why should it be two separate particles? The answer is that it’s not, it’s an electron moving forward in time, interacting with two photons, and then turning around and moving backwards in time.

How is it that the photons just happen to be exactly the right energy to match the mass of the electron + positron? And they just happen to be created at that instant the electron decides to reverse direction in time? I think it’s because they are another aspect of the mass, the same particle / wave duality seen from a different time perspective.

We see the particle as mass when it’s moving forward in time in it’s frame of reference and ours. We see the particle as an anti-particle when it’s moving reverse in time as seen from our forward time perspective. We see it as energy when it’s not moving through time in it’s perspective but is moving in time (forward or reverse) in ours, and, because we can not see charge or spin, we can not distinguish which.

So in this view, we’re not seeing a particle and it’s antiparticle being annihilated and two photons being produced, we are seeing the same particle from different time perspectives.

It’s interesting to think about this way, the energy aspect of the particle exists in only one time from it’s perspective, the mass form of the particle moves forward in time, reflects in time off of this energy aspect, and then moves in reverse in time.

The reverse of this reaction, to photons coming together and creating a particle / antiparticle pair involves exactly the opposite, a particle coming from the future flowing backwards in time, reflecting off this energy aspect, and then reversing direction in time and moving forward in time.

This view explains quantum entanglement without requiring “spooky action at a distance”, and without requiring hidden variables, and without just accepting it as a property of matter with no explanation.

If we can understand how we can see the same particle in these different time perspectives, we would come to understand a lot about the nature of time, gravity, and electro-magnetism.

A photon, traveling at the speed of light, would experience infinite time compression and infinite length compression and thus would not experience the flow of time. From the photons perspective, it connects two energetic entities and from the photons perspective there is zero distance between them and zero time needed to transit from one to the other. From the photons perspective it is not traveling through time neither forward nor reverse.

It is interesting to note that, the particle not moving through time from it’s perspective, exhibits neither charge, nor non-relativistic mass. Both of those properties are a function of time. This makes sense if you think about it because since electromagnetic force or gravity acts to accelerate a particle, and accelerating is an increase in velocity, and velocity is a distance moved in a unit of time. If there is no flow of time, then there can be no expression of these forces of charge or mass.

I’m sure people will have objections but I thought I’d put this forth to see what they are.

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