I decided to create a blog to talk about various scientific theories and discoveries. There are few areas of science of which I do not have an interest.

It is my belief that scientists tend to be arrogant when it comes to scientific knowledge in that many believe that we already know 99.9% of everything. I think this arrogance gets in the way of actually knowing more about everything. I suspect we know more like .000099% of everything.

The thing that drives me to this belief is a combination of a number of personal experiences that just aren’t explained, commonalities in the anecdotal stories of experiences others have had, discrepancies between existing theories and observation, and just a gut feeling that there is a much greater reality than science as we know it today documents or explains.

So I am going to use this blog to pose questions, point out what I see as problems with some existing theories, point out alternatives, and post worthwhile resources I have found on the net over the years.

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