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  1. Anaconda
    March 30, 2008

    Your essay encapulates the conflicts swirling around abiotic oil theory.

    My decision has been to concentrate on the science.

    The wisest political decisions are based on an accurate understanding of the best science currently available.

    The blog Oil is Mastery is devoted to abiotic oil theory, with links to scientific papers, newsarticles and tradepapers. The focus of Oil is Mastery is deep oil exploration off-shore. This is where the oil industry is actually drilling into the reality of abiotic oil.

    Fossil fuel theorists, maintain that there is an “oil window” that stops at 15,000 feet deep. Any deeper and oil doesn’t form and if present will breakdown into methane because of the heat.

    Already, in the Gulf of Mexico and 180 miles off the coast of Brazil oil has been found deeper than 15,000 feet below the ocean’s floor (23,000 feet in the Gulf, and 16,000 feet off Brazil).

    Google Oil is Mastery for facts and opinions on a blog exclusively dedicated for the purpose of information and discussion of abiotic oil.


  2. Nanook
    August 12, 2009

    I have received e-mails from people in the industry that tell me this is well known inside in spite of their geologists publicly stating otherwise.

    But given the environmental consequences of burning oil, I’m not entirely convinced that this isn’t a good thing. Perhaps they will price themselves out of the market and we’ll get cleaner alternatives.


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