Science Religion at Physics Forums

     I’ve been banned from Physics Forums for being a “crackpot”.  Oh how well I live?

     If wanting theories to agree with the actual facts is a crackpot so be it.  The old saying that science advances one death at a time is too true.

     I will remain opposed to the Big Bang and the half dozen fudge factors that need to be randomly added to make it work.  Same for the latest impending big collapse.

     What laws of physics drive inflation?  Can we demonstrate them in the lab?  Where is the Dark Matter we need to explain why galaxies don’t behave the way our understanding of gravity says they should?

     How can we measure or observe dark energy in the lab?

     None of these things are observable because they’re all made up to prop up a broken theory.

     If you believe in something without any evidence, it’s religion not science, and that’s what we have at Physics Forums.

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