— improve —
Additional documentation and maybe a forum to ask other users for suggestions on
what to use or how to go about getting things set up would be nice. Half of my
challenge is knowing what already exists and what it does. If I know that, I can
read the documentation. If I don’t know what is here, I start looking for all
solutions and then have to think about how I would have to install a new package and
get it working just for me.

Thank you. We do have a forum at

— improve —
I dream of cutting the cable.
Wish there was a no-frills high speed connection to Eskimo and/or Internet.

— improve —
I sometime do not understand the services offered. Confused about technology but
that is normal for me. I am more marketing oriented and less technically oriented.
This sometimes hampers my ability to understand and use some services.

— improve —
To know others

— improve —
I need to figure how to use PuTTY instead of telnet. (probably not your job as the
need is occasional.)
(I’m probably going to call support today for FTP help if I can’t figure a login

— improve —
Nothing I can think of. I live in the county down here in Shelton and
my only access is DSL through century link as I live on a private road
with buried phone lines and no access to cable. If you could get lower
rates for Satalite internet that might be something I would like. But
over all you have been a great provider and I’ve stuck with you through
all the little hiccups over the years as your decent people and a great

— improve —
security, encryption?

Could you specify where you would add this? Sessions encryption is supported by ssh or nx or vnc tunneled over nx.  Mail encryption is provided with either TLS or SSL, and encryption of mail between our site and others is supported if they support TLS.  Web encryption is supported via https.  For ftp you can use sftp instead, or tunnel over ssh.

— improve —
I think many people don’t understand that when they use “free” email such as gmail
or Yahoo, they are giving up privacy. If more people knew they had a choice, they
might choose Eskimo.

But it might be a little hard for the average non-techie type person to figure out
how to work with eskimo.

It’s kind of a niche market, but I think your niche could be bigger.

— improve —
I guess one of the reasons I try not to look at the home page is because every item
is a different color and I can’t figure out what is important and what is not. I
think I might try to use features more if the page had a better layout with good
design principles applied to the organization of the material. (you asked!)

— improve —
self help easier to find. If it is technical or such I feel comfortable calling or
leaving emails but some things like set-up I’d like to try to set up first. Part of
my self-learning about what makes my laptop email go etc.

— improve —
I wish you could be an independent internet service provider as you were years ago
when you had a dial-up service. Maybe I should try your DSL service through
CenturyLink. I currently use Clearwire, but it is very slow. 🙁

Me too, there are, unfortunately, a number of things that make that not possible at least without a huge amount of growth.  To provide access services totally independently means we’d either have to have our own wires or our own towers.  The capital requirements of either are such that it works on a scale of millions of customers but not on a scale of hundreds.  I’d really like this to be operating on a much larger scale than it is and that is part of the reason for this survey, an attempt to identify what people want, don’t want, what we’re doing right and what we need to fix.

Your help is always appreciated.  If you know of anyone with special hosting needs, wants to host a game, or a website with some unusual requirements, let me know.  If you know people who need what we offer please let them know we’re here.

— improve —
If you want new customers I think the website needs to be upgraded to one of those
“fancy” business sites.

Eskimo is doing most of the stuff really good, but try to sit down and find out what
services really needs to integrated.

I mean these days a lot of us are using the Cloud. A lot of providers are providing
some sort of free space.

Also open up for Anonymous commenting on the Eskimo North blog.

I initially had it configured this way. When the number of spam attempts per day topped 20,000 I decided I couldn’t leave it open.

— improve —
had I been able to implement any sort of porn-blocking from afar, it would have been
really handy. Am now relying on Microsoft family live & divided password ownership.
Wasn’t bright enough to do proxy dns, and at the time you all had no immediate
solutions. Had there been one, I could have been a customer during the period I
wasn’t a customer.

— improve —
The #1 feature I would like to see is a simple button for creating
vacation/out-of-touch messages. The process for doing that simple task right now is

I will offer one other observation: I am very unusual in that I have spent the last
year living in Myanmar. I am likely the only customer here.

Before you added an ssl certificate (I think that’s the right jargon), eskimo web
mail outperformed gmail and yahoo by spades. Since adding that certificate, eskimo
web mail has gotten very slow and troublesome. Gmail is now the fastest of the 3.
Yahoo is the pits.

Whether or not the ssl certificate had anything to do with eskimo slowing down is
unknown. It may have just been a coincidence, or it may be a tradeoff of security
for speed and access. Also, the internet infrastructure in Myanmar is so poor that
there may have been other factors.

It’s not something I expect you to act on to change, I just wanted to share that
observation with you.

— improve —
Mr. Dinse, you have the finest ISP I have ever seen. And you are extremely kind and

— improve —
I really appreciate how much work you do to keep eskimo up and running. It serves
my purposes well and I hope you can keep it going for a long time to come.

— improve —
Tablet friendly interface.

— improve —
I wish I could tell you more, but you are just right for me.
I wish I had time for some of the things I see are available, but that is my
schedule and it is not likely to change.

— improve —
Improve billing. Improve documentation. Overall, you’re providing a great service
at a reasonable cost.

— improve —
Please do not fix anything that is not broken.

— improve —
Make certain the email server is working all the time, other than that, it’s perfect.

— improve —
To increase the speed of accessing if possible!

— improve —
I tried to use the Java Shell and got the warning “This website’s HTTPS certificate
can not be verified. Do you want to continue?”

That’s a kind of scary message. I tried to find info about this on Eskimo’s
website. I know you’ve emailed info about eskimo’s SSL. But I couldn’t figure out
how to find it or how to verify that everything was okay. This is what I got when I
clicked the “details” button:

Version 3
Serial 295246779768673229649106604597026006099
Signature Algorithm SHA1withRSA
Issuer CN=PositiveSSL CA 2, O=COMODO CA Limited, L=Salford, ST=Greater Manchester, C=GB
Validity Validity: [From: Sun Jul 21 17:00:00 PDT 2013,
To: Tue Jul 22 16:59:59 PDT 2014]
Subject, OU=PositiveSSL, OU=Hosted by IntegraServe, OU=Domain
Control Validated
Signature 0000: C1 BB CF 63 D1 4E 8E 7F 3B 22 FC 74 0E 14 58 EC ...c.N..;".t..X.
0010: 38 82 87 57 DD B8 E4 30 35 4F 6B 4B AE 44 1F 1B 8..W...05OkK.D..
0020: E6 DE C5 EC EB 64 4A 8D 75 8F 8B 9E FF A2 16 56 .....dJ.u......V
0030: 29 CF 00 AD D5 9C C1 A6 E8 3C 0A 0A 81 DE EE 20 )........<.....
0040: 61 87 2D 47 22 AB 3D FD C5 E6 3D 6A A8 4C 71 DD a.-G".=...=j.Lq.
0050: 6D 43 F5 5C 69 A6 33 AC F3 94 6D 92 F0 9F 0C 61 mC.i.3...m....a
0060: ED 09 AE 0A 2B CF 11 8F 67 71 EB 28 10 76 2A C0*.
0070: 62 73 C3 E3 E1 D1 F7 D2 E8 C4 81 8A AA 9A 49 CB bs............I.
0080: 42 27 34 E4 90 BE 89 29 F2 1C D9 E8 03 08 A9 1B B'4....)........
0090: 89 98 0D 86 05 01 40 CF B2 E9 D8 F7 12 37 72 73 ......@......7rs
00A0: 51 B6 EA 89 A1 58 C7 7C 46 41 AA 44 9A BD 9E 8D Q....X..FA.D....
00B0: 6F 11 F7 0E 3F 8A 41 B3 74 43 D5 52 68 B7 BD AF o...?.A.tC.Rh...
00C0: BA 3C 7B 45 3C 82 2E B2 0B 24 D9 FB CA 9B 24 D7 .<.E<....$....$.
00D0: E7 8B F5 74 6E D7 78 07 82 BF 34 86 22 B7 90 1F"...
00E0: 4D 03 9B 91 AC 95 22 F5 B7 68 64 1E C4 25 ED 44 M....."..hd..%.D
00F0: 7D E5 32 D9 02 97 44 AF CE A3 A8 F1 4B 61 7B D8 ..2...D.....Ka..

MD5 Fingerprint DB:34:26:A5:96:4C:E7:CB:1A:29:D2:ED:B0:AC:83:DE
SHA1 Fingerprint 9B:C2:24:7D:27:97:CF:3A:A1:B2:3C:FB:5C:BA:F2:81:A3:9A:76:2B

It would be nice to if I can ignore this warning.

For reasons I do not understand, this happens only with the Iced Tea plugin used in Linux, the browser itself doesn’t have an issue with the cert and neither does the Java plugin from Oracle that is used with Windows and MacOS.  Our certificate is a real Comodo cert and I’ve used third party tools to check it’s validity and it is good, so I would recommend ignoring the warning.

When I tried to connect with PuTTY for the first time from my new computer, I also
got a warning message that the server’s host key is not cached. It gave me the RSA2
key fingerprint, but how do I know if it’s correct for Eskimo? I think I emailed
long ago when I was using PuTTY from my old computer.

The first time you connect to a host with ssh, (PuTTY is an ssh client for Windows), ssh exchanges keys.  I don’t know really how you can know except that you specified the host when you connect.  A man-in-the-middle attack isn’t impossible but then you wouldn’t see your files and everything else you expect to see here in which case call us immediately and we’ll change your password.

Is it possible to have this info collected in an easy-to-find location?

This kind of thing is difficult to impossible to anticipate, the forum is a good place to ask this sort of question, then the answers will be available to everyone.

Also, I tried changing my password for Eskimo and couldn’t remember how to do that.

I will add some documentation on this, but basically you need to connect to the old shell server ‘’ and login, then type ‘passwd’.

It would be handy to have basic reference info somewhere so users could look it up.

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