I imagine that most of the email you get is because of problems and that
people rarely go to the effort of taking the time to commend great service.

I’m simply writing to tell you that your service has been great since
you’ve completed your updates to the systems. I can only describe it as
responsive, smooth, reliable and a great value.

In particular the addition of spamassassin has been a boon. I am now
manage more than 90% of my spam filtering on eskimo before email even
reaches my home workstation. I don’t believe a single spam has actually
made it to my in box on my home system so far this year.

Thank you for this wonderful service!

Rick Bressler rick@the-bresslers.com

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Sacramento Area Dialups

     Some of our dial access numbers in the Sacramento area are O1 numbers.  I received this, not the first notice regarding this outage but thought I would post publicly in case others are having issues:

Dear O1 Customer,

Currently there is an outage affecting LATA 726 (Sacramento). Dialup users may experience busy signals, or trouble connecting while maintenance is being performed.

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience in this matter.

As with all technical contacts, if you experience any issues that you believe may be related to the above message, or have any questions concerning this email, please contact our 24/7 Network Operations Center at (888-444-1111),OPT #2 or via email at support@o1.com.

     Since you are not a direct O1 customer you can not use these contacts to get help, but here are two Sacramento numbers on an alternate network you can use if the primary access numbers in Sacramento are down, 916-282-0155 – Sacramento (Main), and 916-609-0155 – Sacramento (North).  These are both MegaPOP numbers and so should be unaffected by this outage.  I believe this relates to an earlier fiber re-route being made necessary by flooding.

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