— likes —
As a developer I like access to the shell. I run a couple of small jobs here so I
don’t need a server at home.

I also run some stuff on the web here.

I have recommended it to other IT folks I know because of the features and
knowledgeable folks. I care less that it may take some time to get an answer than I
do when the response is “What?”.

— likes —
$$ and shell

— likes —
Like that I can email you and always get an answer. Personal touch. Local company.
Professional Total package for maintaining my web site, making changes to it,
internet service. You should offer the total package to everyone including web
design and maintenance.

— likes —
Good Spam filtering and security

— likes —
I Like to make frnd

— likes —
love it, been a customer for over 20 years

— likes —
Tools I want to use for what I want to do. Email and chat are text and I use as such
(mutt & irssi). I should not be forced to use a gui and see too much eye candy for

I can connect to sites of my choice not the ones cable provider filters me to.

I do not have to bloated OS here with much larger security profile.

— likes —
availability, longevity, recent improvements in the last year. Glad to see your back
on the job.

— likes —
shell access and being able to use mutt instead of webmail.

— likes —
Small family business run by real people.

Personal service.

Privacy–my account isn’t being mined for marketing data.

— likes —
–Small company
–Excellent and personal customer support
–Our webpage on Eskimo has worked well for almost 20 years!
–You got away from Integra.

— likes —
I like the fact that I can get dialup access and can use tools like (secure) telnet,
pine, etc. as alternatives to web-based browsing. I also like that it is a small
company and I talk to a real person when I have an issue. If I were a UNIX geek I am
sure I would like the UNIX accessibility too but it doesn’t affect me personally. I
like having a web version email client as an alternative so I can always access my
inbox no matter what kind of device I’m on.

— likes —
I can call or email for support and you folks really know what you are talking
about. I get responses in a timely manner and 9 of 10 times it has resolved the
issue I was having.

— likes —
I like the fact that Eskimo is an independent local company. If I have any problems
all I have to do is call or email the owner! 🙂

— likes —
I like that the website is a bit “old school”, which makes me thing of back in the
good IRC days when I was running Eggdrops on IRC and so on. I also likes the mailing
lists where you get a very clear update on what’s going on.

Another great thing about Eskimo North is that it’s providing services that a lot of
companies don’t provide anymore, such as shell access and so forth.

This is a great way for “old schoolers” to do e-mailing in Mutt and write HTML code
directly in the terminal.

I like the fact that Technical Support is excellent and Customer support in
generally is very good and very professional. You have a person with high knowledge
to communicate with. I don’t think all users these days realize how important that

A lot of hosting companies these days are very big and automate as much as they can.

So my impression is that as a user at Eskimo someone actually listen, and you don’t
get the feeling of just being “someone” in an endless user database.

So, Eskimo clearly shows quality in front of quantity.

— likes —
You were a small OS/2 friendly ISP when my local ISPs wanted ASMTP. I didn’t have
to change any of my software then. . . really like the over-the-phone service

— likes —
Personal responses to my questions, some of which belie my rudimentary knowledge of
computing. I’ve never felt a sense of criticism from you when I’ve asked some very
basic questions.

— likes —
Excellent ISP. Everything always works and never an issue – for me. I have not
ever had an issue because when I call or email for support, my questions are
answered completely and there is no issue how to do things. Then again, I have over
30 years computing experience.

— likes —
Shell account and easy web page set up. Back up access via web mail is really nice

— likes —
Simple Nix interface

— likes —

— likes —
I will like 2chat wit new people

— likes —
When I need help, a knowledgable, helpful person (human being) is easy to access by
phone or computer.

I was able to use it back in the early 1990s when it was Unix (as I recall) and I
was on the shell with my first laptop and at school on an apple with students and
our first steps with computers and the internet.

— likes —
About the sharing of love amongst the lover.

— likes —
Freedom to use shell account, compile and run applications. Ability to configure
email and utilities like procmail. Real human being for support. Excellent support
and communications. Reasonable pricing. Unthrottled DSL.

— likes —
Timely reports of system outages and problems and explanations of what happened and
what was done.

— likes —
I like the convenience of having a local company to do business with.

It’s easy to get a hold of someone on the phone.

Friendly service.

I’ve had my account for a very long time and I’m comfortable with it.

— likes —
The SSH CLI, in which Pine became gratifyingly quick after conversion to shellx host!

— likes —
I like being online!i like eskimo account since we are chatting and socialising with
many people world wide
!thank you alot the management of eskimo.

— likes —
Dealing with a company I know instead of an anonymous corporation.

Recent Posts

User Meeting

     About 20 people showed for the user meeting which was good.

     It was fun meeting a couple of my co-workers from PNB/USWest/Qwest days.  They had changed so much I did not recognize them at first but then it has been 21 years since I left.

     Regarding a few projects in the works, I am working on getting ownCloud 9.1 working.  I had setup a server with the previous long term version of Ubuntu in order to get the older ownCloud, osTicket, and one customers website working again since the upgrade of our server broke these things but then a new ownCloud came out that did seem to work with PHP7 so I decided instead to try to get it operational.

     PHP7 is desirable to PHP5.6 because it speeds up execution by about 30%, that makes php based sites like WordPress sites, and many of the applications we have run faster.

     I want Eskimo to succeed and I know for us to succeed we have to help you succeed.  Any business website is heavily dependent upon Google searches for new traffic.  Google has gotten very good at finding sites with relevant content.  When it has a bunch to offer, and it almost always does, several things are very important after relevancy, and that is mobile friendliness, SSL encryption, and speed.  Sites that have all of these things get bumped to the top of the search results and that’s where you want to me and we can help you get there.

     Another service I am working on is providing streaming audio (and in theory video) via Icecast so that people interested in creating an Internet radio station or offering some streaming service, will have a way to do so.

     This mostly is an old interest of mine, Radio, being re-kindled in the era of modern technologies, a desire to understand how to current way of doing thing works from a technical and operational perspective, and as always a desire to give the average person a venue for getting their information, ideas, views, art, etc, out there.

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