Social Is Down for a Rebuild

     I was unable to get the ELGG content management system to do some of the things I needed, like inline videos and images in the right contexts, so I’ve decided to scrap it and try something different.  The forums are still up however and now do support inline images and video.

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New SSL Certs Installed

     I apologize for the brief interruptions in mail and web services today.  It was necessary to install new SSL encryption certificates as the old were about to expire.  Comodo is now Sectigo and they only shipped me the domain cert and one of two intermediate certificates and no root certs so the bundle-ca file they provided didn’t work.  Had to get them to re-issue so it took two installs.  In the process I discovered a configuration issue with the incoming mail servers.  Encrypted mail would only work if the far end requested STARTTLS on port 25, port 587 and 465 were not operational.  Now it will accept encrypted e-mail on any of these ports either STARTTLS or TLS wrapper mode.

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