Fake Oil Shortage

I apologize for the lack of recent postings. Since my daughter left home about a month ago I’ve been pretty non-functional.

Heard something on the radio tonight that I thought worth relating.

A caller to the Coast To Coast AM radio show, formerly the Art Bell show, who claimed to be a former employee of Chevron Oil and basically was responsible for running the blenders in the western United States basically affirmed what I’ve believed all along, the oil shortage is fake.

Before I go on I do want to say that this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t conserve oil, we should and we must, not because the oil is about to run out, but because the environment is being severely damaged as a result of the burning of hydrocarbons.

The atmosphere is now approaching 400 parts per million carbon dioxide. The polar ice is melting, ocean currents are slowing. Without the mixing of surface and deep waters that result from the currents, eventually the oxygen levels will drop to near zero and anaerobic bacteria will flourish. Bacteria that derives it’s energy by processing sulfur chemicals and releases hydrogen sulfide as a byproduct.

There is evidence that several mass extinctions in the past have been caused by this phenomena. Hydrogen sulfide is extremely toxic to all animal and plant species.

We need to stop putting carbon dioxide into the air before this becomes unstoppable, if it has not already, otherwise we are going to become extinct. And the process won’t be fun, this is one of the gases that gives farts their wonderful odor, but at far lower concentrations than this process could result in.

So imagine breathing a super-fart continuously 24×7 which gets increasingly worse until our bodies can’t cope and we die. Well, if it doesn’t kill off the plants and animals we eat and starve us to death first.

But that said; the caller told us about how Chevron would control the output of the blenders to keep the supply tight and the prices high. He told us about this recent discovery of a super giant field in the Gulf of Mexico, possibly the largest oil field ever, well, they’ve known about it for 12-14 years. Even the CEO of Chevron has stated that they never have had any trouble obtaining oil for their refineries.

Anybody paying attention would have noticed the price of gasoline drop just before an election when the republican party is in control, and rise just before election when the democrats are in control. They’ve been manipulating supply and price all along.

He also stated that they know that the abiotic theory of oil production is correct, the hydrocarbons rise up from the “molten” as he calls it, deep earth. A field left idle will recover in about fifty years. And he said, until recently we didn’t have the technology to tap that deep oil, now we do.

Well, I knew this, that’s what allowed the Russians to become the worlds second largest oil producer, for a brief time the largest, because their geologists knew about this theory and looked for oil where the theory predicted it should be, under basalt or granite cap stones. It is more expensive to produce because you have to drill through that rock to get at it, but it’s there.