Future – Respecting Mars

     On the subject of the planned missions to Mars by SpaceX and NASA respectively, I’m personally going to predict that SpaceX has a better chance of getting people there and back alive, but not on schedule.

     Only half of NASAs non-manned missions to Mars have succeeded and 50-50 odds are a bit short of what I would be comfortable with as an astronaut.

Tesla Electric Trucking

     The North American continent is the only continent in the world without electrified rail.  Rail is the most energy efficient means of transporting goods yet we use trucks to do the bulk of our transport in this country.

     Tesla is about to turn this into not a bad thing with their new electric truck (semi tractor trailer).  Capable of doing 65 up a 5% grade with an 80,000 lb load and a 500 mile range with the same load, and a half-hour charge time so your truck can charge while you take a meal break.