There is lots of negativity in the media right now and a lot of negative things have happened, but I think that the reason for this is that we’ve allowed ourselves to be lead by leaders who use fear as their principal form of motivation.

What about the positive possibilities, the things we could achieve if we focused on solving our problems instead of fighting? If we took the resources that we now use to protect ourselves from each other and turned those towards benefiting all mankind and our planet as a whole, what could we accomplish?

I keep having these dreams of going to a distant planet and living there, and this is not a planet around another star; but around our Sun, but it’s unlike any planet I am aware of orbiting our Sun. I though to myself what could this be, if not Mars, what is it? Can’t be a gas giant, and it didn’t seem like a moon of a gas giant.

Out past the orbit of Neptune there is a group of minor planets in an area known as the Kuiper belt. We’ve discovered a number of these, Pluto was the first, but now we know of at five of these minor planets in a 3:2 resonant orbit with Neptune, and past the Kuiper belt, the Ort Cloud, where based upon statistical evidence, there may be as many as 10,000 of these Pluto sized objects and perhaps as many as ten Earth sized objects.

Those objects are all in sort of a suspended animation deep freeze. What if we could add enough energy to thaw some of them out? We have just recently acquired the technological know-how to build a fusion reactor that actually produces energy; that knowledge has been sequestered away by the US Navy, but what if it were available? Not only could we eliminate poverty and greatly improve our environment by eliminating dirty power sources on Earth and having adequate energy to make recycling feasible on a much larger scale and have all the clean water we need making it possible grow as much food as we need, etc.

We’d also have energy that would make space travel to distant planets in our lifetime practical and we’d have the energy necessary to transform those planets, thaw them out, light them up, provide artificial suns of sorts, we could potentially have thousands of habitable planets in our solar system, and hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, so this could be very sustainable.

Those distant planets wouldn’t be dependent upon energy from our Sun, they’d be depending upon energy we get from fusing hydrogen in man-made reactors, and that’s got some wild possibilities; we could accelerate that planet out of orbit and through deep space, a planet space ship.

I wonder if other alien civilizations haven’t done the same? We know there are these rogue planets in deep space not orbiting any stars; and surely some of those were ejected from orbit through natural processes, but I wonder if there aren’t a percentage that aren’t just freely flying through space but are occupied and directed towards some destination star?

This is just exploring one direction, of billions, that our development could take, and they aren’t all mutually exclusive either, we don’t have to take just one path, we can go in many directions, but if we can’t get past fighting and bickering and living in fear; we can’t go anywhere.