Windows 10

To quote a CNN “review” (I say that in quotes because, in my opinion, NOTHING on CNN is real news since Time Warner acquired them), they say, “With Windows 10 you can view and interact with up to four applications simultaneously”.

What an advance?  My Ubuntu Linux workstation regularly has 20 or more visible applications running and more in the background, and it is only limited by available RAM which on this machine is 4GB, of which Firefox by itself chews up half.

I don’t understand why a brand new operating system would place such a small and arbitrary limit on how many applications you can use.  I also don’t understand why virtual desktops isn’t built in.  Both Mac and Linux and even old Unixes like SunOS 4.1.4 have had that capability for eons.

They did make it prettier, I will give them that.  Windows now actually LOOK like Windows with sun shining through.  But perhaps more of the budget should have gone into functionality and a little less into graphic arts.