Clean Energy Happening

     In 2013, there were 143 gigawatts of renewable energy electrical generating capacity installed, 141 gigawatts of fossil fuel electrical generation capacity installed.

     We have turned the corner and all indications are we’ll never look back.  And it’s not the green crowd driving this, it’s economics.  Solar and Wind have become cheaper than coal, the cheapest of the fossil fuels.  New technologies are bringing the costs even lower.

     The cost of lithium-ion batteries are following an almost identical trajectory and promise to extend renewables from the grid to automotive transportation.

     We seem to be entering an age of plenty.  The question is whether or not we will demand that this plenty be shared by all mankind or allow it to be horded by the 1%.

     My take on this is God is increasing the soul carrying capacity of this planet for it’s rebirth to be witnessed and shared by as many souls as possible.