Where Are We Headed?

The department of homeland security is purchasing 2 billion (that’s 2,000,000,000) rounds of ammunition.

When asked the purpose of this purchase they say it’s for law enforcement practice.  There are approximately 100,000 US federal law enforcement officers.  That’s 20,000 bullets per officer.  That’s a lot of practice.

It appears to me that they’re preparing for a war against the citizens, a civil war.  The separation between the wealthy elite and the average American citizen has reached the point where 400 people own more wealth than the remaining 300,000,000+ ordinary Americans.  I can’t see how this trend can continue without it leading to a major bloody revolt and I think that is what the department of protect the ultra-rich wealthy elite from the rest of us security department is preparing for.

There are also these huge concentration camps, er, detention centers that are being built or have been built around the country.  Again I think preparations for a revolt they know is inevitable if something isn’t done to reign in the power of these wealthy elite and spread the wealth more equitably among the workers who actually create it.

And those are things being done along the lines of force.  Equally insane things are being done along the lines of domestic covert intelligence (spying).  The NSA is building a million square food super-computing center that will allow them to store every telephone conversation, e-mail, text-message, or any other communication forever.  This will allow them to go back and listen or read any communication you and I have ever had, not to mention the data mining possibilities, particularly as the field of artificial intelligence continues to advance.

Laws are starting to get passed to help them populate this center.  CISPA essentially will encourage corporations to share private information with the government.  It’s not just about hackers, it’s about anyone that uses a computer or phone or mail or any other form of communications having that information routed to the government and stored in this super computer center forever.

I’m not a big fan of hackers (in the illegal destructive sense), after having suffered a two week outage and nearly $20,000 in losses back in 1995 as the result of a break-in.  But, I have to say the message Anonymous has I think is spot on.  I don’t agree with their tactics, but I absolutely agree with their insistence that the meaning be restored to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, that the value of every individual life be respected.  And I think they are absolutely right that if congress does not allow this to happen peacefully, it will happen in a bloody revolution and I think that is what the 2 billion rounds of ammunition, federal detention centers, NSA super computer center, and CISPA are all about.