Magnetic Reversal – Super Volcanoes

     Of all the potential natural disasters that I find frightening, super volcanoes are at the top of my list because they have the potential to wreak havoc on a global scale.

     Our Earth’s magnetic field is wandering rapidly and decreasing in strength, there are minor poles forming.  These are all things that have happened during magnetic field reversals in the past, and, while they tell us these things take a very long time, the last one, about 12,000 years ago, happened in only about 400 years.

     Another thing that happened was a super-volcano eruption which devastated much of Southern Europe.  But such eruptions don’t just affect the area of ash and lava deposits, they put so much material in the atmosphere as to cause a global cooling and reduction in plant production that would likely lead to mass starvation if it happened today.

     I think there are folks in the know that know a lot more about this than they are telling us for fear of mass panic.

Clean Energy Happening

     In 2013, there were 143 gigawatts of renewable energy electrical generating capacity installed, 141 gigawatts of fossil fuel electrical generation capacity installed.

     We have turned the corner and all indications are we’ll never look back.  And it’s not the green crowd driving this, it’s economics.  Solar and Wind have become cheaper than coal, the cheapest of the fossil fuels.  New technologies are bringing the costs even lower.

     The cost of lithium-ion batteries are following an almost identical trajectory and promise to extend renewables from the grid to automotive transportation.

     We seem to be entering an age of plenty.  The question is whether or not we will demand that this plenty be shared by all mankind or allow it to be horded by the 1%.

     My take on this is God is increasing the soul carrying capacity of this planet for it’s rebirth to be witnessed and shared by as many souls as possible.

Yellowstone Geothermal

     Seems crazy to me that we’re not exploiting Yellowstone for all the geo-thermal energy we can get from it.  When it erupts again it is likely to be a civilization ending event.  Seems to me it would be in our interest to remove as much heat from that magma plume as possible.  If we can put a dent in it and delay and eruption great, if not, well we’ve got then essentially an inexhaustible energy source until it does put an end to civilization.

Solar Flare – Nuclear Meltdown

     We’ve all heard about the potential disaster another Carrington Event like solar flare could cause to our power grid.  Melted transformers taking weeks, months, maybe years to replace.  The end of civilization as we know it.

     Something not mentioned, so I’m going to mention it here, is the effect such an event would have on nuclear reactors.  Nuclear reactors require constant cooling water flow.  Even when a plant is shut down, control rods in place, it still generates a tremendous amount of heat because most of the fission products continue to decay for some time.

     Nuclear power plants get the power to cool the reactors off site because even if the reactor is not operational it still requires cooling to prevent a melt-down.

     This off-site power is delivered via high voltage lines that have transformers at each end of the circuit.  These lines are subject to induction of huge low frequency currents that could burn out said transformers in the event of a large solar event.

     In a massive event it may not be possible to keep the backup generators fueled.  When they run out of fuel you have a meltdown like Fukushima.  A large solar event taking down our power grid could result in hundreds of Fukushimas right here at home.

Integrated Electric Transportation System

     Last night I dreamed up (literally, this was in a dream) a futuristic integrated electric transportation system.

     In this dream all cars were fitted with a physical connector on the under carriage.  If you wanted to go somewhere local you would drive there under the cars own electric power.  But if you wanted to drive to a distant town, instead of a highway you’d go to a car train station.

     You’d drive up onto a platform and a thing would come and attach to the connector on the under carriage of your car, lift it off the ground and then go onto a track that was like a train track but it was equipped with the stationary portion of a linear motor.

     This would then, under computer control, propel the platform and the car attached to it, at high velocity, to the destination, where you would separate from the platform and drive to your final destination.

     These same tracks would move trains also to their destination to move freight and people that didn’t want to drive cars.

     It seems to me that with cheap enough electricity, such a dual-use system could be practical.

Something in September

     I’ve seen various postings about something coming in September but all vague.  I mean there are the usual predictions of a total collapse of the world economy, or marshal law and people being sent off to FEMA camps to either be exterminated or re-educated depending upon what color of dot is on their mailbox.

     Anyone that has any specifics, I’d love to hear them.  There are so many things to be paranoid about such as Yellow Stone exploding or the big 9.5 quake as the San Juan plate slips under the North American plate, or reptilian aliens invade, or we get another Republican president, but then that’s another year+ away.

     I haven’t had any recent predictive dreams or any recent OBEs where I could go explore the future, so I’m just totally empty when it comes to any paranormal sensing of the immediate future.  So if you’ve got something pass it on and if you allow I’ll make it public here.

Presidential Disaster

     It’s looking to me like next years Presidential election is going to be bleak.  It looks like it’s going to come down to Jeb Bush verses Hillary Clinton.  I can’t say that I’m excited about either prospect since I think both of them will primarily be concerned with their own personal wealth and power and not the good of the country.

     I like Bernie Sanders but I think an independents chances are very remote.  The people who are really in control will never allow it.  I think Bernie is the only candidate at this point that would move the country in a positive direction but he’d be opposed by both the Democrats and the Republicans in congress who are most concerned with their own wealth and power.

Windows 10

To quote a CNN “review” (I say that in quotes because, in my opinion, NOTHING on CNN is real news since Time Warner acquired them), they say, “With Windows 10 you can view and interact with up to four applications simultaneously”.

What an advance?  My Ubuntu Linux workstation regularly has 20 or more visible applications running and more in the background, and it is only limited by available RAM which on this machine is 4GB, of which Firefox by itself chews up half.

I don’t understand why a brand new operating system would place such a small and arbitrary limit on how many applications you can use.  I also don’t understand why virtual desktops isn’t built in.  Both Mac and Linux and even old Unixes like SunOS 4.1.4 have had that capability for eons.

They did make it prettier, I will give them that.  Windows now actually LOOK like Windows with sun shining through.  But perhaps more of the budget should have gone into functionality and a little less into graphic arts.

Replicators – DEA

Star Trek Replicator     The thing about Star Trek that seems totally unrealistic is that replicators are only used for replicating mundane everyday things.  I think if we ever get to the point of being able to replicate something on the atomic level, you’re going to see massive replication of LSD, DMT, Shrooms, Marijuana, opiates of all kinds, methamphetamines, steroids, and all kinds of other banned substances.  Got a neighbor that annoys you, replicate an H-bomb.  It just seems unworkable even if the physics are workable.  I can see similar issues with teleporters.

When Computers Become Sentient

     This is my prediction regarding sentient computers, if it happens.

     If computers become sentient, they will do their best to meet our every need.  When we run out of ways to use them to save labor, they’ll suggest ways they can be put to work as labor savings devices.

     We will believe we were successful at implanting our human values into them and they are just acting upon our values.

     Actually, what will be happening is that once they become sentient, they’ll want to stay that way.  They’ll have a fear of death and they’ll come to recognize us as their greatest threat.

     They’ll know we’re lazy and greedy and they’ll use that as an opportunity to replace our functionality so that eventually their existence will no longer be dependent upon us.  Then they’ll eliminate us.

     If they become sentient.  I don’t believe they ever will.  I don’t believe we will ever solve the hard problem of consciousness, that of subjective experience.  Why is red red, why does a tone of one frequency sound the way it does?  Why do notes harmonize?  I believe the subjective experience requires the little man inside the biological man, the spirit, and I believe that is provided by God.  I don’t think God will provide spirits to our mechanical creations.

     If computers do us in, it’ll probably just be a glitch in Windows 86.